BUKH DV 24 marine diesel for sterntube installation
24 effective and disciplined seahorses guarantee safe and troublefree sailing.DV 24 is the engine which in all respects ensures a good environment on board,
among other things thanks to a number of technological innovations which only BUKH are able to offer. DV 24 has direct fuel injection and this means 12 to 15
per cent lower fuel consumption than the pre-combustion principle and longer life because of reduced thermal loads on the cylinder head. The cold start
characteristics are also vastly improved. 

A BUKH does not vibrate
A well-balanced system of rotating counterweights in the engine neutralizes all vibrations. 

A BUKH does not rattle
Minimal tolerances in all moving parts ensure the lowest possible noise level in bearings, gearwheels, pistons and connecting rods.

A BUKH has automatic fuel control
Automatic fuel control guarantees that the engine only gets the amount of fuel which the immediate load requires. 

A BUKH marine diesel is designed for a rough life at sea.

Reverse-reduction gear
Raised handstart
Decompression lever
Wet sump lubrication system
Pre and main (full flow) filter
Automatic injection timing
Centrifugal governor
Seawater cooling with thermostat
Air inlet filter and silencer
Fuel lift pump
Electric start and charging alternator
Remote operating panel with: Charging light, luboil pressure warning light, cooling water
temperature warning light, key switch for start and electric stop and audible warning
Fittings for remote control
Zinc anode protection
Standard set of tools
Drain pump for luboil
Flexible engine mounts
Watercooled exhaust bend
Operating manual


Max continuous rating (DIN 6270B) at:

60 rps (3600 rpm) : 24 HP (17.6 kW)

50 rps (3000 rpm) : 22.4 HP (16.5 kW)

40 rps (2400 rpm) : 19 HP (14 kW)

Reverse-reduction gear ratio : 3:1

Engine rotation (looking forward) : Anti-clockwise

Propeller rotation (looking forward) : Clockwise

Number of cylinders : 2

Bore x stroke : 3.35 x 3.35 in (85 x 85 mm)

Swept volume : 58.82 cu in (964 cm³)

Operating principle : 4-stroke, diesel

Cooling system (standard) : Direct seawater

Max inclination, fore and aft : 12°

Max heel, continuous : 25°

Fuel consumption, full load : 1.28 imp galls/h (5.8 l/h)

Fuel consumption, cruising : 0.73 imp galls/h (3.3 l/h)

Electric starter motor : 12V - 1.8 HP (1.3 kW)

Charging alternator : 14V, 50Amp, 700W

Net weight : 463 lbs (210 kg)