The company operaters 24h/day, 7 days a week, offering service worldwide. The technical department has qualified service engineers with experience on more than 2000 vessels in the last 5 years, completing inspections on LSA equipment and Launching Appliances as well complete re-hookings as per IMO MSC Circ. 1392.

VIKING HELLAS S.A has the expertise to offer:

·      Annual and 5-year inspection of Lifeboats, Rescue Boats, Tenders, Liferaft Davits, Accommodation Ladders, Cargo Cranes, Cargo Loose Gears, E/R Cranes, Provisional Cranes

·       Dynamic Load Test of Liferaft/Lifeboat/FF Lifeboat/RB Davits, Cargo Cranes, Accomodation Ladders (up to 120TN)

·       Wire Fall Change of Life Raft/Life Boat/Free Fall Life Boat/Rescue Boat Davits, Cargo Cranes/ Accommodation Ladders (any kind of wire falls)

·        Repairs of  Davits and Winches of Lifeboats, FF Lifeboats, Rescue Boats, Cargo Cranes, Accommodation Ladders

·        Fiber glass work

·        Dismantling and refitting of Release Hook of Lifeboat, adjusting and testing system

·        Replacement of Floating blocks of Davits /Wire sheaves Swivels above the hooks of the LBs  

·        Bollard pull test

·        FFE (sub-contractors)

·        Repair and Re-fit of yachts mainly on the above