·         Maintenance.

·         Repair test and certification {Cranes & Derricks}.

·      Ringing & Un-ringing of wire ropes at Derricks, Cranes, Ramps, Gargo         Elevator   and Lifeboats.

·        Repair of wire ropes, sheaves, cargo blocks, cargo hooks, wire ropes' sockets   and hydraulic systems.

·         Lashing Points  {Chains, Tension Levers, Portable, Securing Equipment}.

·         Loose Gear.

·         Bollard Pull Tests.

·     Certified equipment is used to record pull test of vessel. This test is usually   performed during slack water, load cell is available to record pull up to 150TN

·         Repair of lifting appliances mainly Raft Davit Hooks.

·         Supply of cargo gear equipment.