Inspections of Lifeboats, Davits, Winches and Release Gears 

As per MSC.1/Circ.1206/Rev.1 and in accordance with the SOLAS regulations III/20 - operational readiness, maintenance and inspections and III/36 - instructions for on board maintenance - VIKING HELLAS S.A. provides annual and 5-yearly inspections on LSA equipment 

Annual Inspections 


Our technical department has qualified service engineers ready to attend vessels at convenient ports worldwide in order to offer testing, maintenance and overhauling of LRRS and Launching Appliances.  Annual inspections include checking:

1. the lifeboat - inner and outer condition, engine, springler system, fresh air system, steering wheel, electrical system, release hooks (release cables, main and hydrostatic release units), release gear operation

2. winch - foundation bolts, winch drum, bearings, oil seals, brakes

3. davit - structure, bolted sections, deck welds, pivot points, last certificates and condition of fall wires, boarding/maintenance platforms, ladders







5-yearly Inspections


Our technical department offers 5-yearly inspections which are thorough inspections. All checks during an annual inspection are included. In addition, Lifeboat on-load release test and winch load test are performed. 5-yearly inspections include checking:

1. release gear operation - 1.1 x SWL 

2. dynamic winch break - 1.1 x SWL








All inspections take place under Flag state approval and in the presence of the respective Classification Society.