Guidelines for evaluation and replacement of Lifeboat release and retrieval systems 


The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-ninth session (11 to 20 May 2011), approved the Guidelines for evaluation and replacement of lifeboat release and retrieval systems, set out in the annex, as per SOLAS regulation III/1.5, following the recommendations made by the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment, at its fifty-fifth session, and the Ad Hoc Working Group on Lifeboat Release Hooks (16 to 18 March 2011). 

New SOLAS regulation III/1.5, which is expected to enter into force on 1 January 2013, requires that for all ships, on-load release mechanisms* not complying with paragraphs to of the LSA Code, as amended by resolution MSC.320(89) (hereinafter called "the LSA Code"), be replaced or modified not later than the next scheduled dry-docking after 1 July 2014, but not later than 1 July 2019.

VIKING HELLAS S.A. has got the proper training and the approval from various makers in order to provide this service to our customers. Since the beginning of this regulation, our company has replaced/modified the lifeboat release and retrieval system on numerous vessels worldwide. We provide complete service including spare parts, replacement and 5-year inspection, issuing relative certificates.

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